Have your sexual behaviors become uncontrollable? Have you found yourself continually turning to unhealthy sexual behaviors despite repeated resolutions to change? Have you lied to yourself and those around you in order to continue engaging in these behaviors? Has your relationship with yourself, God, or your spouse been affected by these behaviors? There is hope and change is possible. Even if you're not looking for a therapist and just need some direction feel free to give me a call.

Sexual addiction is a complex addiction but there is hope! As a trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®), I have completed training developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes  which required attendance at multiple training modules and supervision with a CSAT Supervisor. It also requires ongoing education so that CSATs such as myself are experts in providing sexual addiction therapy. It is a rigorous process designed to help me best help you. Learn more about treatment for sex addiction  including an initial (free) sexual addiction screening assessment , please visit www.sexhelp.com. IF you are a partner, take the Partner Sexuality Survey.

Betrayal Trauma

Finding out your partner has been looking at porn or step outside of the relationship sexually is life-changing. Knowing your next step in your relationship can feel as hazy as the distant future. You may be experiencing a flurry of emotions or you may be numb. You are aware the reality is you now have an uninvited third party in your relationship that is not going away. You’ve heard your entire life that trust and honesty are the foundation to a healthy relationship but your foundation has just suffered a mudslide.  While this new reality can be harsh, there is hope and help available.